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It’s all about you – you are in control – make an informed decision

Unlike most Solar companies that have been around for under 10 years, SolarAustralia.com sources the top brands through Lawrence & Hansen / Sonepar who have over 133 years’ experience in this country and is the worlds largest supplier to electricians. With over 150 locations around Australia, this company backs the product warranty (even if the manufacturer falls over) that delivers to the 25-year panel and 10-year inverter warranty.


We also have access to the very best local electricians (with Solar accreditation)

in the country that importantly are local to you. This gives comfort of the job being done right and that the installation warranty is real. Our experts will invest in providing you a tailored proposal and system design for your house.

You’re in the box seat to make an informed decision with the comfort of knowing your biggest investment – your house – is safe, and the benefits of free energy make a big difference to your bank account.

We stand out – are different – for a great reason

A Solar company giving you confidence and certainty when choosing your Solar partner. We know your house is your biggest investment and you are looking for a safe and efficient solution — this is not a time to cut corners.

We offer a tailored Solar service designed specifically to your home and your needs. We have Australia’s best warranties so you can be confident with your customised solution. It will then be installed by a network of Solar accredited, highly experienced and local electricians.

Experience The Difference

This magical combination gives you comfort that (SolarAustralia.com) will make your customized designed Solar system simple and right.

  • Australia’s best team
  • 100% Australian company
  • Tested and trusted best products & brands
  • Extensive Solar knowledge
  • Know how to unlock all your rebates
  • Products from Australia & the world’s largest supply company to electricians
  • Australia’s best product warranty, backed by global leader
  • Access to Australia best electricians
  • All installers are local and Master Solar or CEC accredited local installation warranty
  • Any e-commerce purchase/deposits paid will be fully refundable until you sign off on your house design & solution
  • Our focus is your benefits
  • Save you money on your power bills
  • Reduce your exposure to electricity companies and price increases
  • Update you on the best electricity provider for you
  • Maximise Government Rebates
  • Better for the environment
  • Help create extra power and get paid for it
  • Payback in 3-5 years
  • Significant income after payback period
  • Worry-Free – we remove the complexities & risk
  • Confidence - your house and your Solar system
  • Invest in an obligation-free Solar system design specifically for your house
  • Make sure the return on investment is 3-5 years
  • Understand the significant savings expected from the life of your Solar system
  • Get electricity grid approval for your system
  • Understand and make the most income from electricity not used by you and fed back into the electricity grid
  • Answer your questions
  • Use of the best brands
  • Australia’s best product warranty backed by the Sonepar group as well as the top brands
  • Use experienced electricians that are Solar qualified and local to you, so the installation warranty is best in the country
  • We will educate you that a Solar system from SolarAustralia.com is a no brainer
  • Maximise Government grants reducing your purchase price

Confidence now and into the future

Why use Solar Australia?

We have partnered with the world’s biggest electrical companies.
With over 130 years of experience working and installing in Australian homes, we are safe as houses.

There are 150 supplier locations close-by, supplying the top brands at a great price.

Have confidence with Australia’s best Warranties

Most importantly, we offer Australia’s best warranties so that you are completely covered

  • Panels carry a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Inverters carry a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Products are also warranted by L&H / Sonepar
  • Your local electrician provides a 10-year installation warranty

Solar Australia & Batteries Pty Ltd t/as SolarAustralia.com